Hanterandet av svårigheten - Maja Kristin Nylander

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Nylander's dreamlike images are considerations of presence and absence. Hanterandet av svårigheten is a series of photographs, excerpts from a story of missing, told through memories, actions and relationships.

Maja Kristin Nylander has worked for a long time based on her personal experiences of absence and missing. She carefully arranges and does the set design of her images, with symbols and people in melancholy landscapes. She examines the lack and its aesthetics, the relationship between mythological and worldly, the collective and private memory. In the pictures, memories, symbols and bodies are allowed to interact in associative scenarios, where outer and inner worlds meet. A recurring motive is the caring and the physical, as well as the mental, bearing.

At a young age, Nylander began to photograph her hometown with her mother's old camera and grandmother as a motif. The desire to tell stories was already there then, in the impetus to portray something that one day will not remain. That she then got stuck for the work in the darkroom is expressed in the painterly appropriation in the pictures.

Maja Kristin Nylander was born in 1979 and works with portraiture and staged photography, based in Gothenburg. She is educated at the Napier University School of Film and Photography in Edinburgh and the University of Wales, Newport School of Media and Design. She has been awarded a number of scholarships and has a number of exhibitions, in Sweden and abroad, behind her. Nylander also works editorially and with major documentary projects and portrait exhibitions.

Read more about Maja Kristin Nylander on her website majakristin.se

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