Mikael Goralski - Whats with All the Deaths at Luxor Las Vegas

Art Cube - Vallentuna Culture, Vallentuna

A series of inconsistent art works in artist Mikael Goralski's forty years of production, with installation, X-ray, performance, objects, sounds, sculpture, text, found objects, photos, video and much more.

Regardless of what Mikael Goralski is working on, you can say that he starts from something that already exists in some form or other, and gives it a new meaning. Many times he uses everyday objects, ordinary or unusual things that have a function. The result is poetic, drastic, humorous and at the same time a bit sad. As a viewer, you easily get conflicting feelings that go into each other and that are not so easy to put into words.

Mikael Goralski is an artist, curator and band member. He is also Sundbyberg's most famous Darth Vader impersonator. Born stateless in Solna in 1962 and Swedish citizen since 1964. He has made his own exhibitions and arranged exhibitions with other artists, living and dead, usually in completely different places than in the gallery space, in Sweden and in other countries. He lives and works in Sundbyberg. During 2018 he had a studio residency at Iaspis Stockholm. The exhibition shows works from 1980 - 2020.




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