Berit Sahlström - Five crucial women

Art Cube - Vallentuna Culture, Vallentuna

Berit Sahlström weaves images of people who have been or are historically important, cultural or literary. She has done many interpretations of female writers and researchers, she has chosen people who have been pioneers and as representatives of their gender. Many of them have had a political agenda with an emphasis on human rights and several have been women's rights fighters.

The five central portraits in the exhibition are thus five women who, in various ways, have influenced Ethiopia's history. It is about five important occasions when development took a step forward during the Christian era of history, the last 1600 years. Her husband, historian Tekeste Negash, has written a book on Ethiopian history in this perspective and the five crucial occasions are his interpretation. Sahlström has formed the portraits with knowledge of the women's lives and history, by making visits to the site and reading stories from the time. In some cases there have been photographs and other images, in other cases she has formed an image in close conversations with her husband.

Sahlström is a textile artist. She has a model, a sketch, to start with, but works freely with the weave, as if she is painting with the thread. Sahlström has a professional history in the university world. After many years in this field, she chose to become a full-time artist as late as in her 50s. Then she picked up a thread that she released on a road choice at the beginning of her professional life. Sahlström has lived and worked for many years in Uppsala and currently lives in Malmö. Despite her relatively short course as an artist, she have had a lot of missions. Her work has been shown on exhibitions in the USA, England, Japan and Ethiopia, and in several places in Sweden. She has made art pieces for the City Library in Uppsala, Lund University and the London Borough of Redbridge. She has also made book covers and illustrations.

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