Opening: Sharaku - the enigmatic artist

Art Cube - Vallentuna Culture, Vallentuna

Welcome to the opening of the exhibition of Sharaku's woodprints!

Lars vargö talks about the exhibition of woodcuts by Tôshûsai Sharaku - germinal woodcut artist, operating in Japan 1794-1795, who worked under psudonym. His correct identity is a mystery in this day. The mystery surrounding Sharaku has led to a kind of shimmer being placed over his name. The discussion of who it was continues today and novels, TV shows and theater plays have been written about his life.

All pictures in the exhibition are lent by Lars Vargö.

Arr: Kultur Vallentuna

Contact information

Vallentuna Kulturhus
Allévägen 1

Contact: Charlotta Abrahamsson
Contact: Charlotta Abrahamsson
Phone: +46-858785000

Organizer: Kultur Vallentuna



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