Masayoshi Oya, ceramics

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Masayoshi Oyas ceramics flow of color and shape, but under control. Oya has an aesthetic approach combined with an undercover playfulness where Japanese traditional culture meets the Swedish craft. Traditional art and crafts from Japan is a great source of inspiration, which together with the Swedish aestethics forms his pottery.

"It's on the turntable that I create most of my works. The interest and feeling of clay and ceramics I have had my whole life. Being a potter was my dream as small and I went to my first ceramic course at the age of 9. It was not until the age of 25 that the dream became reality and I went to a two-year craft training school in Japanese Aichii.

After a time as a potter in Japan, I was stuck in a Japanese ceramic tradition and I needed new inspiration, preferably in a new country, to find my own expression. That it became Sweden can I thank the band The Cardigans for. Their music and style aroused my interest in Sweden, and when I read about Capellagården, about the school's philosophy and Carl Malmsten, I felt I had to go there.

In Sweden, I resurrected my interest in the Japanese and now I find it exciting to combine the two cultures, which at the same time have a lot of common and many differences. I think the pottery has incredible possibilities. With it I can create different feelings, surfaces and objects - from practical things to art. I make simple shapes that I then combine with the random behavior of the glaze. It's just like painting on the canvas. "

In the exhibition, Oya shows art and "art of use". The artifacts are inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony and ikebana (the art of arranging flowers). The living ware, influenced by Swedish daily life, is seen in Japan as art and is highly taxed. In the Japanese food culture, different dishes are used for different types of food and when the table is clothed, one thinks about how the pottery will match the food.

Masayoshi Oya was born in Japan in 1979, lives and works in Gothenburg. After studying ceramics at Seto Yougyou in Aiichi, he moved to Sweden for studies at Capella Farm. He took his masters degree 2011 at HDK (University of Design and Crafts) at the University of Gothenburg. He currently has his own workshop and is active in the Japanese-language design group YOIN. He was nominated for Formex Nova 2015 and has a current design collaboration with Hemtex and House of Space.

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