Husby Gårds Museum


In the unique cultural landscape of Markim, a parish with world heritage qualities, you will find Husby Gård's museum. The farm's ancestry stretches back in time and is mentioned in writing as early as 1298. The farm has served as a royal estate and has provided the crown with supplies as far back as the Middle Ages, and perhaps even the Viking Age.

In 1858 Teodor Gustafson is born in Markim. At that time Husby Gård has been inherited in Teodor's family since the beginning of the 18th century and, despite being the youngest boy in the family, Teodor will eventually inherit Husby. He gets involved early in the tasks at the farm, which back then was run by animals and people, as there were no machines on the farm. At this time Teodor Gustafson's interest in everything prehistoric starts, and more than 30 years after his death, his family home becomes a museum, thanks to the successor Miss Sigrid Åkerberg.

Above the crooked old staircase, time has stopped. Here, the rooms with their furniture, collectibles and utilities, are preserved from a bygone era. Discover how people lived around the turn of the 19th century and take the opportunity to walk through the historic cultural landscape.

In the parish you will also find a Romanesque church from the 13th century, farms open to visitors, wonderful natural environments and trails from the Viking era.

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