Guests: Överbygruppen

Art Cube - Vallentuna Culture, Vallentuna

Kerstin Sabel shows painting and sculpture: "Imagine sitting with a fine white watercolor paper and start painting, or with a palette knife to shape an image in acrylic. Or why not a bit of clay shaped to something, then the time just flies."

Yvonne Henriksson works with painting and is gaining inspiration in the light at Gotland and the Stockholm archipelago. She is a trained craft teacher and has been active in culture activities at Sollentuna Hospital, where she has also been awarded for her fifteen years of work with art exhibitions.

At Överby Gård Art Center there is a varied mix of arts and crafts in exhibitions, shops, open studios, events and courses. There is also a café. Överbygruppen annually arranges the Överbygruppens own exhibition, the jury-rated Överbysalongen and the popular Christmas market. Sometimes they offer events, anything from "testing" to performance.

Överby Gård has been a farmhouse and is one of the few prehistoric farms in Sollentuna, which is preserved in an almost unspoiled agricultural landscape. Today, Överby Gård belongs to Sollentuna municipality and is operated since 1982 as an art center by Överbygruppen.

Welcome to the opening onThursday january 25 at 5 pm!



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From Stockholm take the E18 north towards Norrtälje, follow signs for Vallentuna.