Viking History Trip in North Stockholm: Half Day

Vallentuna och roslagen, Vallentuna

During the tour we will travel to the north of Stockholm in the pretty Swedish countryside. We will see a great variation of sights from the Viking age and you will learn about different aspects of the Vikings life such as religion, war, culture, language and anything you like to know. 

These sights include: 

Preserved Viking Era Parliament. Learn about how they ruled their communities.  

Viking brigde. Bridge-building in the Viking Age. 

Vada burial mounds,  huge graves from the early Viking/vendel Era. 

England rune stone telling about plunderings abroad. 

Many rune stones. Mounment for commemorating a dead relative. 

If you stay/depart from in Stockholm we will pick you up at your hotel/AirBnb/cruise port. If you stay in Roslagen we can pick you up at your accomodation or another central location in Vaxholm and Österåker. 

If you book a private tour for only you and the other in your group we can also pick you up in Norrtälje. 

Contact information

Time Travel Tours
Orkestaby 9
18694 Vallentuna och roslagen
Contact: Angus Carlsson
Phone: +46-737289670
Mobile: +46-737289670
Booking: +46-737289670

Organizer: Time Travel Tours


Price information

Adult 16 years or older: 1000 SEK

Youth 10-15 years: 600 SEK

Child under 10 years: FREE

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