Roslagsleden: Stage 4 Lövhagen - Domarudden


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After Lövhagen the trail for a few kilometers pulled by a paved road. Next, is the most hiking along forest roads until Domaruddens friluftsgård at farmhand Sea.

The wind deflector at the Little Härsjön is very scenic and invites to a rest, perhaps combined with a dip in the lake. The area around Lake Terns have a great nature with many lakes, old forests and rich cultural district. The area is now a nature reserve.

Interim goal is Domaruddens friluftsgård in the nature reserve at Lake farmhand. Here awaits child-friendly swimming and precious fishing including brook trout and rainbow trout. Fishing licenses are sold at the facility, which also rent fishing gear and boats Domarudden is also the start or finish of the Blue Trail - the trail that goes to Vaxholm via Rydbo, descending at the Ladvik and Ellboda.

Public transportation

|Translated by Google translation| Bus 676 from Danderyd to the South Hall and from there bus 665 against Vallentuna station.


|Translated by Google translation|
At Lövhagen crosses Roslagsleden return the old Mail Road between Stockholm and Turku. A few kilometers to the south, along the old Norrtäljevägen, lies the village of Osby his post farm along Queen Christina old postväg between Stockholm and Turku. However, there is no parking at Lövhagen.