Roslagsleden: Stage 3 Örsta- Lövhagen


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From Örsta and Angarnsjöängen continues Roslagsleden up against Össeby IP with shower and possibility to replenish fresh water.

A few hundred meters from the trail, at the height at Brottby farm, located Össeby church ruins, the remains of Vallentuna ninth medieval church and parish. The church was built in the late Middle Ages, probably in the 1400s later part. It was in use until 1838 when the parishes Össeby and Yarn merged. Today, the church ruins mostly for summer church services and weddings.

On the bridge at Brottby crosses Roslagsleden Långhundraleden, Viking fairway between Uppsala and the Baltic Sea. Today one of Uppland's most beautiful and longest canoe trails, lined with attractions and arranged picnic and camping sites.

To the north lies Vada with its large sjökullar who are old Chieftains, and Brotorp, with rune and picnic area. Ruins and remains, burial grounds and rune stones testify fairway importance throughout history.


Public transportation


|Translated by Google translation|
From Vallentuna take route 268 towards Angarn and Örsta. There are also several bus connections from both Vallentuna and Danderyd Hospital. Bus 661 from Brottby interchange against Vallentuna Bus 665 from Vallentuna station west towards Stora Karby Bus 625 from Danderyd Hospital, the South Hall Bus 667 from Brottby interchange the Gillinge for more info see