Roslagsleden: Stage 2 Karby farm - Örsta


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On Löttingekullen is a Bronze Age cairn which testify that Löttinge farm is among the oldest farms in Täby. A larger Iron Age field near the farm provides further evidence of that. From there Roslagsleden through a large and relatively untouched forest to Angarn. Where the trail branches off from the jogging track to Skavlötens outdoor courtyard which is 3 kilometers away from the trail, crossed Birdsong mice. At Åsta is a runhäll who carved the rune master Öpir, one of Uppland's most productive rune carver. In Vallentuna seven of his inscriptions, which are works of art which intertwined rundjur meanders over the rocks.

Angarnsjöängen is the county's finest bird. About 25 species nest at the lake and a 75-century in the areas around it. Centuries of uplift, overgrowth and drainage efforts have transformed the former bay to a reeded marshland that is good for bird life. A bird watching tower is the trail.

Public transportation


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Karby Manor address is Karbygårdsvägen 1. Entrance from Bergtorpsvägen located just south of Frestavägen and Taby Kyrkby. Bus 610 or 611 from Danderyd Hospital / Mörby C. Bus 616 from Täby Centrum or Taby Kyrkby / East Byle.