Roslagsleden: Stage 1 Danderyd - Karby Farm, 15 km


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The first stage of Roslagsleden continues through Rinkeby forest to Rösjön and at Rösjöbadet are open all year round campground with cabins, refreshments, showers and more.

Then follows a fairly easy hike through Rösjöns recreation area. From the north end Edsvikens up to Hagby farm Taby, go Roslagsleden along with one of the old Viking roads. Around Hagby farm include a burial ground from the Iron Age and rune stones from the 1000's.

After Hagby farm is a beautiful hike along the southern shore of Lake Vallentuna. At the final goal of stage, Karby Farm, is an arts center including konsthantverksbod. Karby Farm has bus service and within walking distance of Roslagsbanan.

Public transportation


|Translated by Google translation|
From the center of Stockholm's the fastest way to Roslagsleden by subway to Mörby Centre and from there a walk down to the start at Rinkeby forest.