Historical bus tours

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Bus stages, Vikings, churches or historietur
Come and join a bus tour with us.
Either as an individual jump into an open bus tour or you can that company, organization or parish book one of our 8 different turkoncept.
It works just as well in cooperation with us and create your own unique special bus tour at 3, 5 or 8 hours.

Experience the Viking Age, choose among three different tours
Come and see several unique places that are over a thousand years old. Hear about a period that made the Northmen feared in Europe. Visit a Viking thing place from 1010-1015, hear about the great men, and trade trips, see the remnants of a 150m long Vikingabro, and rune stones that tell of long-distance trips.

Choose between Viking tours
Runriket around - Vikings around Lake Vallentuna (3h 5h)
Vikingar in eastern Vallentuna (3H, 5H)
Vikingar full day Sigtuna (5h, 8h)

hearthe Swedish Christianity and Church History
Discover the earliest traces of Christianity in today's Sweden 800's to the present, focusing on the period from 1100 to 1600 along with us.
The tour can be customized according to your wishes for churches but it is also good to book one of our three complete tours for a unique and varied experience that brings out the hidden gems you will not find on your own.

Choose between church tours
Church Safari World nominated Markim-Orkesta (3H, 5H)
Church Safari Vallentuna district and Össeby assembly (3H, 5H)
Full day tour - Among the frescoes, saints and crucifixes (5h, 8h)

Bus tours around the history of Sweden
Join us for one of two historical tours that accentuates different periods of Swedish history in places
clear and visually cool relics. The tours stretches in time from the Bronze Age until today with the main focus to the 1500s.

Selectbetween the tours:
Angarnsjöängen around - a unique area with fornbogar, rune stones and burial mounds as well as churches and other goodies (3h, 5h, 8h)
Historietur to världsarvskanditaten Markim-Orkesta. (3H, 5H)