Vaasa Mound and Lindholmens farm


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The ruins of the Vasa hill are the remains of the stone house Lindholmen which was built around the year 1450. Here lived Sigrid Eskilsdotter (banners), the grandmother of King Gustav Vasa in the late 1400s. According to contemporary tradition went home to his own mother when to bear children, and they therefore believe that Gustav Vasa was born on Lindholmens farm. A new mansion was built in the 1700s where Lindholmens farm is located today. The present main building was built in 1884 and designed by architect JF Åbom.

Walk through the avenue to Lindholmens mansion, past the sheeps and hardwood chips. Two lakes surround the site. Picnic area and dock are at Little Lake. Membership in the town's fishing association provides opportunities for fishing and access to rowing boats. Distance from Lindholmens station about 600 meters.

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