Kårsta by


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In Kårsta village is still an overall bybebyggelse that is not moved out of the original bytomten associated with cooking shift. There are several examples of bytomter likely to be regulated during the Middle Ages and even more linear villages in the parish.

Kårsta church was built in the 1400s but replaced an older church built of wood. The sacristy is the oldest part and was built during the 1200s. In the Western church gable is a rune stone walled "Alrik erected the stone and make the bridge".

The church is wrapped tightly around Kårsta village's well preserved buildings. In addition to residential buildings there are two school buildings, one from 1848 and one from 1915. It was torn wide school until 1982 when the school operations moved to a newly built school in Kårsta.

The whole village around Kårsta church is the county museum has been singled out as inseparable from the cultural environment.

Public transportation


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Roslagsbanan line 27 of Kårsta. Get off at the end station Kårsta. Kårstaby located about 1 km walk from the station.