Tärnan- forest environment in roadless land


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Tern Lake and the surrounding pine forests are included in one of the largest undeveloped fields in the county. The hilly terrain alternates between upland pine forest and sinks with small bogs or deep, long, narrow lakes. Specifically wilderness than this is hard to get in the Stockholm area.

East of the lake Tern is the nature reserve Exerman-Hersby, the largest forest area in Tern area, which is relatively unaffected by forestry. There is a great wealth of dead wood, which is a condition of life for many species of insects, wood fungi, mosses and lichens. West of the lake lies the nature reserve Bromseby less than Exerman-Hersby, but more accessible to hikers.

Roslagsleden passes through the beautiful pastures at Tärnholm, located right in the reserve's outskirts. Bromseby is a relatively undisturbed upland forest area with rocks and a pine bog. On the rocky ground grows many native forest pines with very beautifulforms. Many pine trees are over 300 years old.

The area around Tern is best suited for those who want to experience nature on their own, looking for privacy and a wilderness feel. As the number of trails and paths are limited, it should freely want to get around in the chips gladly prepare themselves with tools that map, compass or GPS.

Tip! Nightjar is a bird that has a very peculiar "song" which can be heard during the early summer nights, preferably at the beginning of June. Take the road between Össeby-Yarn and Åkersberga and about two kilometers after Össeby-Garns church, turn left which is signposted Nature Reserve. When you come into the forest between Sjöhamra and Pukeby should stop and listen extra carefully where there is a rock with a pine forest. Do you hear something buzzing persistent (like a spinning wheel) is the nightjar playing!


|Translated by Google translation|

Parking space is south of the lake Tern, just west of Pukeby.