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Roslagsleden is a collaboration between six municipalities in Stockholm County. The trail begins in Danderyd and passes through Sollentuna, Täby, Vallentuna, Österåker and Norrtälje. In Norrtälje trail continues through Vigelsjö, Roslagsbro and Söderbykarl, past Rådasjön by Gåsvik, along the canal to Älmsta, over the bridge to Sandviken further along the coast to Old Grisslehamn and Albert Engström Museum.

Stage 1: Danderyd - Karby Farm, 15 km

Stage 2: Karby farm - Örsta, 13 km

Stage 3: Örsta - Lövhagen, 16 km

Stage 4: Lövhagen - Domarudden, 12 km

Stage 5: Domarudden - Wira Bruk, 20km

Stage 6: Wira use - Penningby, 22 km

Stage 7: Penningby - Vigelsjö, 22 km

Stage 8: Vigelsjö - Roslagsbro, 14 km

Stage 9: Roslagsbro - Bagghus /Gåsvik 25 km

Stage10: Gåsvik - Sandviken, 9 km

Stage 11: Sandviken - Grisslehamn, 20km

Public transportation


|Translated by Google translation|
Roslagsleden is a footpath between Danderyd and Norrtälje, through Sollentuna, Täby, Vallentuna and Österåker. Along the trail there are barbecue and picnic areas, shelters and baths. Roslag Led The map is sold including the library in Vallentuna cultural center. Here are waiting near the 19-mile hike, divided into 11 stages. The trail goes through beautiful and partially untouched Roslagen nature with many swimming opportunities. It is easy to get to Roslagsleden by public transport and in several places there are also good parking facilities adjacent to the trail. For more information about Roslagsleden