Runriket - Vallentuna church


The Church in Vallentuna features several runic inscriptions. The runestone has been set in the Church wall refers to a shipwreck. There is also a stone that Jarlabanke raised in his own honour on which he announces that he ad established a thingstead, a Viking Age assembly place, and that he "alone owns all of this hundare". A "hundare" was an area of land probably equivalent to a medium-sized municipality in modern times.

Contact information

Tuna torg 1

Phone: +46-858785000


Opening hours

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Sunday-Friday from 8:45 to 16:00, Saturday from 11:00 to 16:00

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How to get to Vallentuna Church at Runriket:

Runriket - "The Rune Kingdom" is about 25 km north of Stockholm city and the gateway to Runriket, Jarlabankes bro, is located in Täby kyrkby. You can reach it by car, bus or with the Roslagsbanan light Railway. Visit for local public transport information.

The address to Vallentuna Church is Kyrkvägen 5, Vallentuna