wade Valley


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By Wade Valley runs Helgöån which is part of Långhundraleden - the last remnants of what the Viking Age was a fairway. Along Långhundraleden could be reached by boat from Salt Lake to what is today known as Old Uppsala. Since then, the water depth decreased significantly as a result of land elevation. It has also drained the landscape along the trail, such as the lake in the 1800s filled Wade Valley.

The area has an agricultural landscape of archaic character with the grazed wet meadows in the lower parts and species-rich dry slopes in the upper. Here is a fantastic floral with lots of flowering backsippor in late April and May.

Along Wade Valley are a number of relics that testify that people have lived and traveled along the waterway for a long time.

At Vada church north of Brottby are three major sjökullar are royal graves from the early Iron Age. With a little imagination it is easy to imaginehow impressive sjökullarna must have been when a thousand years ago came by boat from Garnsviken. The three hills loomed on the western shore when approached Wade.

Large yard Benhamra located north of Vada church was in historical times a royal estate. Here is one of the county's most valuable pastures with grazing dependent species such as Mountain Everlasting, Milkwort, backrimjan and the small fern moonwort. When the snow melts in the spring flood occurs in some years on the flat land in the valley bottom. It attracts a lot of birds with the staging of whooper swans, ducks and waders.

Public transportation


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By car from Stockholm: Take the E18 north towards Norrtälje. Take the exit Brottby. ICA Brottby turn right onto Wade Road of Kårsta. By car from Vallentuna: Drive towards Brottby, turn left onto Wade Road of Kårsta. Parking space is available at Vada church. With public transport from Vallentuna: take bus 665 from Vallentuna station of Kårsta. Get off at stop Wade church.