We call this area “The Rune Kingdom” and consists nine locations around the Vallentuna lake. Here you can wander in the beautiful landscape and explore history on your own. The entranceway to the Rune Kingdom is easy to find, and around the lake are eight more points to discover.

In a time of intrepid voyages, grand claims to power and a belief in change, this was the place that the Viking woman Estrid and her family called home for several generations. Find out about Östen and his voyage to Jerusalem, Holme who went to fight in Italy, and the great chieftain himself, Jarlabanke – who claimed to be the owner of all Täby. A thousand years may seem a long time, but in this unique district, ancient history will feel like present day. Nowhere else in the world can boast as many well-preserved runic inscriptions as the area around the lake Vallentunasjön, inscriptions which help bring the characters of the Viking Age back to life.

Take a tour around Runriket, “The Rune Kingdom”!

Runrikets besöksmål är:

Jarlabankes bro, Täby kyrka , Broby bro, Fällbro, Risbyle, Gällsta, Gullbron, Vallentuna kyrka, Arkils tingstad

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The Rune Kingdom consists of nine locations around the Vallentuna lake. The gateway to the kingdom is at Jarlabanke’s Causeway, just north of Täby Church. Here, you will find an information centre and outdoor exhibition, a playground and a reconstruction of the Viking monument at Jarlabanke’s Causeway.

Starting at Jarlabanke’s Causeway, it is possible to encircle the lake on foot, cycle, car or bus. Information boards have been set up at all nine locations and mobile guides describing the history of the location and more information about runes and rune stones. Car parking is available. You can either take your own picnic basket with you, or enjoy one of the restaurants around the lake.